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Doc Request streamlines your medical record exchange; fast, accurate, and secure.

Exchanging medical records is a time consuming process and involves multiple staff members, emails, phone calls, and faxes. Doc Request helps you to streamline your medical records exchange by taking all those burdens away and making the exchange of medical records workflow secure, fast, andonline.

Benefits of using Doc Request
  • Reduced requestor phone calls and duplicate requests.
  • Make the process time for requesters to obtain medical records faster not in weeks or months.
  • Increased operational efficiency and lower administrative overhead.
  • We process any kind of requests at your office or remotely.
  • We invoice requester within 48 hours.
  • Customize workflow that drives compliance through industry leading turnaround times and the highest levels of accuracy.
  • Enhanced patient, staff, and requestor satisfaction.
The best part; there is at NO COST to Providers
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